We Love Temporary and Contemporary Designs

Mosem Design has continued to serve since 1980 and provides a special design stand service creating wooden modular system for all kind of events taking place in Turkey and other all countries (as well as overseas). Mosem Design put the projects into practice with its young, productive and dynamic team, wide range of furniture, environmental awareness, innovative approaches and contemporary lines, and include experinces in the projects with its motto “Happy Customer Experince”.

As Mosem Design, our main goal is establishing relationships by mentality of solution partner with our customers through answering their expectations, producing creative designs and serving with quality products according their needed within perpective of solution partner.

Mosem Design is the first and only design center supported by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Republic of Turkey in the this particular sector.

Mosem Design is the first company in Turkey who has used the modular stand and catwalk system.

In addition to this, “electro rail system” mounted on the moduler system for lighting, which has been developed by us and it is still used by us and in other companies nowadays.

Mosem Design, who aims to bring innovations to the sector as usual in the past, provides services with the principles of quality and productivity in the production steps by adaptation technological developing.